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Foundation Course Announcement

(October 19, 2011)

Foundation Course Announcement

For some years now we have offered the AACP accredited acupuncture foundation course, and encouraged graduates of this course to join this CSP special interest group.  This was on the understanding that statutory regulation would require practitioners to belong to one of the stakeholder professions, AACP, BAcC or BMAS. 

The government recently announced that separate statutory regulation of the acupuncture professions would not take place as the acupuncture professions effectively self regulate.  Membership of the CSP and attendance on an extended practice training course allows Chartered Physiotherapists to practice acupuncture as an adjunct to their treatment.  Membership of a specific specialist interest group is not required.

Although the contents of our foundation course have not changed; in line with many other tutors, we have chosen to discontinue AACP accreditation as it limits both the material we can teach and the students who can attend our courses.

The foundation course that you are entering will still have the route to Keele University accreditation process via the Accreditation to Prior Education and Learning (APEL) route - worth 15 M level points. If, on completion of the foundation course, you wish to gain the M-level points from Keele University, a separate application procedure will be necessary to do this (full details will be given on request).

In the coming months it is likely that further developments within acupuncture training will take place, and these will be detailed on our website

Please be assured that these changes are designed to enhance the quality of our courses and extend the material taught as a direct benefit to students.  In so doing we hope to continue to promote and improved the use of acupuncture by Chartered Physiotherapists as we have over a 18 year period.


Panos Barlas, DPhil, MCSP, MHPC, LicAc

Kam Wah Mak, BSc, MCSP, MHPC, Dip Ac, Cert. Ed.

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